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At Morris Landscapes, we pride ourselves on quality irrigation systems that can withstand our harsh Saskatchewan climates. From large commercial properties to residential yards, we have you covered. Follow up with year-round maintenance packages to ensure your system stays running in its optimal state.  

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Photo courtesy of Hunter Industries Incorporated
Photo courtesy of Hunter Industries Incorporated

Water Smarter with Hydrawise™

from Hunter Industries. Link any

Wi-fi compatible controller and

rain sensor to your home's Wi-Fi

and monitor your system from

anywhere.  Set up daily watering schedules that automatically

adjust to rain sensor readings.

Never over-water again. 

Photo courtesy of Hunter Industries Incorporated

What is a "Swing Joint" and why do we use them?

A swing joint consists of a length of flexible pipe that has two movable connections at either end. One side connects to the irrigation device and the other pipe connects to the irrigation system. The flexible connections and flexible pipe allow enough movement to prevent the connection from breaking. 

Swing Joints have several key benefits. They allow for easy adjustments to fine-tune sprinkler head placement during installation. Swing Joints can also withstand impacts from equipment and pedestrians better than a riser alone as they are flexible and allow the head to move a little without breaking.

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